Thursday, April 30, 2009


Anonymous asked: How can I relate this book to the real world?

Simply put, people in every age face the challenges of daily living. How we respond to those challenges and make choices defines our character.

When Katherine was faced with the plague, what did she do?

Katherine endeavored to bring her entire household to safety, knowing that a large caravan of people and goods was sure to attract the attention of highway robbers. She put her own life in danger to protect others and continued to do so when they were attacked on the road.

What did the priest do?

The priest sent men to steal from those who lay helpless and dying in their beds and confiscated Katherine's castle.

In a crisis, what will you do?

For many people the horrors of New Orleans have not faded. Some saved themselves and attacked and stole from their friends and neighbors. Some helped others despite personal peril.

Now as then, choice defines character.

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